(Temporarily?) decommissioned Mindtrauma Tea


#  7583
Type  unclassifiable
By  Benerius
When  Dec 18 2019 6:42 PM
Description  Mindtrauma tea was and has been non-functional/barely-functional for several months at this point. Decommissioning it for now, until it gets fixed or permanently retired. Barring any particularly convincing arguments for the latter, I'll start poking at updating it soon.
Reason  broken things that don't get fixed quickly produce lots of duplicate bug reports
Result  less tea that does nothing int he world
Projects  Obsidia
Version  not updated
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Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game

increased max lives to 15


#  7581
Type  lib revision
By  Starhound
When  Dec 15 2019 7:30 PM
Description  increased the max amount of lives a player can have by 5
Reason  player brought up good argument that lives and perma-death can shoo people away, less headache to deal with when playing
Result  30 was a bit much, 10 was a little too small. 15 sounds nice.
Version  not updated
Rating  Rate "increased max lives to 15"

Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game

ahrikol no longer accepts replicated traitor rings


#  7579
Type  content bug fix
By  Benerius
When  Dec 14 2019 7:00 PM
Description  Ahrikol was errantly accepting and rewarding replicated traitor's rings.
Reason  not good
Result  dont exploit, kids
Projects  Yevath, Inducted
Version  not updated
Rating  Rate "ahrikol no longer accepts replicated traitor rings"

Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game