Weapons of Consumption


#  7634
Type  content creation
By  Ngaathu
When  Mar 25 2020 6:48 PM
Description  A new set of weapons have been discovered. These weapons allow the wielder to transform material in their near vicinity into pure energy and store it for later use.
Reason  Too much junk left behind by murderhobos
Result  Hopefully less junk
Projects  Weapons of Consumption
Version  not updated
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Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game



#  7633
Type  content creation
By  Starhound
When  Mar 21 2020 1:06 PM
Description  created garbicubes, small magical items which instantly clean trash in a users area. these items can be found randomly in the world or are for sale at the Temple of Discordia and Halfmoon Bay magic shops.
Reason  we didnt have easy trash cleanup for everyone.
Result  trash cleanup easily accessible to all players now, regardless of affiliations
Projects  Temple, Halfmoon Bay
Version  not updated
Rating  Rate "garbicubes"

Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game

deleted Hank's Garbage Thondur


#  7632
Type  content revision
By  Starhound
When  Mar 20 2020 6:40 PM
Description  disabled this association. existing members will be removed as they log in.
Reason  [13:36] [command 'put all suit, all axe, all shield, all knife, all staff, all hauberk, all boots, all robes, all daggers, all swords, all bardiche, all epaulet, all spear, all helm, all breastplate, all canteen, all tunic, all beer, all bucket, all sling, all fishing rod, all bark, all stick, all wine, all pork chop, all quiver, all flower, all club, all muffin, all mitten, all shirt, all halberd, all trousers, all cap, all crossbow, all rope, all bolt, all necklace, all skirt, all hemlock, all jerky, all bodysuit, all greave, all berry, all cloak, all vest, all sugar, all mop, all sock, all pine nut, all morning star, all cudgel, all rags, all lists, all whip, all sandals, all sash, all rosary, all tabard, all gauntlets, all belt, all arrow, all cowl in unit' -- was the last straw
Result  less player abuse (we all knew you guys were abusing tokens and skill buffs), less laggy commands being created, ect.
Projects  Hank's Garbage Thondur
Version  not updated
Rating  Rate "deleted Hank's Garbage Thondur"

Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game

Garrik's Assassins no longer accept monsters and are ignored by Kolond Entrance


#  7629
Type  content bug fix
By  Benerius
When  Mar 16 2020 12:14 AM
Description  As summary says, made it so the Kolond entrance ignores anyone in Garrik's Assassins, and banned monstrous races from joining it. This isn't retroactive, so any monstrous folk already in the guild will be fine.
Reason  problem
Result  fixed
Projects  Garrik's Assassins, Kolond
Version  not updated
Rating  Rate "Garrik's Assassins no longer accept monsters and are ignored by Kolond Entrance"

Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game

Pnath now playable


#  7628
Type  content expansion
By  Benerius
When  Mar 13 2020 6:45 PM
Description  From tunnels and crypts long forgotten by men of the surface, gaunt and pale figures emerge. Once considered merely the subject of myths and fearful stories, these beings known as the Pnath make their presence known through the peaceful spread of their culture and violent displays of macabre hunger alike.
Reason  They've always been intended to be playable but never got enabled; mostly due to a desire to have an area out for them first.
Result  A new Hero race for newbies to work towards and veterans to mess with. Hopefully an actual area before too long.
Version  not updated
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Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game

reduced frequency of wild pnath wandslinger raids


#  7627
Type  content revision
By  Benerius
When  Mar 11 2020 10:14 PM
Description  Increased the rarity on the wandslinger raid of wild Pnath, meaning they'll (hopefully) show up less.
Reason  I didn't like how often I saw them, and it didn't make sense lore-wise for these reclusive and generally subterranean dudes to be launching frequent assaults on cities (the idea is that this only happens when a group of them gets desparate).
Result  less primitive pnath sieges
Projects  Wandslingers
Version  not updated
Rating  Rate "reduced frequency of wild pnath wandslinger raids"

Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game