August 1st, 2020

a few content bug fixes

#  7670
Type  content bug fix
By  Xekrin
When  Aug 1 2020 3:53 PM
Description  Stopped the kick maneuver from appearing in attack list (even if it did nothing) on races with no legs. Fixed Sperm Flower artifact from showing up unidentifed as 'a diamond', now shows as 'a diamond flower', made Shoggoth compound eye organ use compound eye material instead of regular eye material.
Reason  Kick was in my Bezhuldaar's attack list and it annoyed me, the sperm flower was a diamond but not a gem, and compound eyes are not normal eyes.
Result  Kick no longer shows up erroneously, the sperm flower is now a flower, shoggoths can grow actual compound eyes
Projects  Shoggoth Race
Version  not updated
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Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game

removed bonus experience for healing and limb regrowth

#  7671
Type  lib revision
By  Starhound
When  Aug 1 2020 5:42 PM
Description  completely disabled any form of bonus experience for performing healing or limb regeneration effects on others.
Reason  history of abuse from players (yes including myself). while the notion of having completely passive methods of play is great, i don't agree with creation of those methods being highly scriptable options and pathways for the super experienced player and instead be a more complex and involved form of gameplay overall (such as through a combination of supporting systems like challenges, quests and so forth).
Result  this form of reward was highly abusable and the healing factor alone should be the primary and only reward for such effects.
Version  not updated
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Lost Souls: Free Text-Based Online Game