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Reduced cost of dream lens place-marking power


#  7511
Type  content revision
By  Benerius
When  Jan 1 2019 8:58 AM
Description  Reduced the cost of Oneirheton's ability to mark a place as important from 5.0 to 1.0 oneiric energy.
Reason  5.0 Was an extremely high price to pay just to ensure a place was put on your dreampath, given how limited that capacity actually is in the long run. Marco and I were talking about this yesterday but never got around to implementing; may still come back and make an undocumented increase the cost a bit afterwards if I determine this one to be too lax.
Result  Oneirheton consorts can use the dream mark power at least slightly more frequently without having to sacrifice over half their oneiric pools to do so.
Projects  Empathic Bonds
Version  not updated
Rating  Rate "Reduced cost of dream lens place-marking power"

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