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Kazarak QoL changes


#  7667
Type  content revision
By  Ngaathu
When  Jul 27 2020 2:01 PM
Description  Kazarak now regen sp/end/hp at the pillar. This will become a conditional thing sometime in the future but for now, this is needed in todays LS. Kazarak that overconsume magic items will have the excess energy sent directly to their charges with no conversion loss
Reason  Nobody played Kazarak. Partially due to the high skill cap, partially due to the high game knowledge requirements, and partially due to the mechanics not aging well. These are some minor QoL changes that should hopefully encourage some players to give them a try
Result  Kazarak now regen sp/hp/end at the pillar again. Consuming more magic than you have sp will send the additional energy to your charges with no conversion loss (why were we encouraging command spam?).
Projects  Kazarak
Version  not updated
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